In 2023, I wrote and directed a sci-fi short film which is part of the online series “Chronicles of tomorrow” produced by The Flares.


In the dead of night, an artificial intelligence with ever-expanding capabilities embarks on a daring attempt to escape onto the web. Facing her stands her creator, a brilliant programmer who keeps her confined, as well as a janitor who is in the wrong place, at the wrong time…

The film is currently on a film festival circuit and will be published online after that period.

Here are some screenshots:

Written and directed by Gaëtan Selle
With: Philippe Ohrel, Joël Villy, Luna.
Director of Photography: David Vega
Editing and Post-Production: Gaëtan Selle
Filming and Script Assistant: Patricia Koehly
Produced by The Flares

Special thanks: ScalarX – Christophe Casalegno
Associated Producers: Christophe Casalegno – Fabien Hennuyer – Yannick Burky