My skills

How to create

Having written and directed many short films, I'm familiar with screenwriting, storytelling and I work directly with clients to develop the best ideas for a project.


  • Planning a shoot, renting the proper equipment required for each project and sourcing freelancer if needed.
  • Able to write scripts, briefs and understand client requirements. 
  • Highly interested in the cinematic language

How to shoot

  • Highly proficient in camera operation and digital video cameras. I know how to use DSLR/mirrorless cameras, Canon C100/C200Red cameras and Go Pro’s
  • Experience using different video shooting techniques such as timelapsehyperlapsestop motion.
  • Able to capture a great quality audio using lapel mics, external audio recorders and how to set up professional sound equipment to record interviews, dialogues and voice overs.
  • Strong knowledge in lighting for interviews, cinematic shots and studio lighting setup for chroma key.
  • Direct and manage talents and crew during a film shoot.

How to finalize

  • Able to work with Photoshop and Illustrator for vector and graphic design.
  • Highly proficient on Premiere proDaVinci Resolve for video editing.
  • Know how to color grade using DaVinci Resolve.
  • 2D animation and character animations using different style with After effects.
  • Logo animation, motion titles and motion graphics with After effects.
  • Visual effects such as rotoscoping, compositing, sky replacement, removing objects in a shot.
  • Skills in 3D animation.
  • Sound editing and mixing professional standard audio track with Audition.
  • Encoding & delivering for web/DVD/broadcast using the proper specs. 


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