While going through a separation from her abusive husband, the life of a single mother collapses when her personal Artificial Intelligence takes on a sinister personality after a new update.

“Emotion +” written and directed by Gaetan Selle
Cecilia: Paula Jennings
Dan: Jacob Frost
Sam: Samuel Jennings
Mia: Mia Jennings
Steve: Varsa Kilstoff
Alex: Phillip Roberts
Customer Service: Ada Chen
School Staff: Paola Di Martino
Radio Voice #01: Nick Harding
Radio Voice #02: Ron Lee

Cinematography and post-production: Gaetan Selle
1st Assistant Director: Jacob Frost
Assistant: Paola Di Martino
Script Assistant: Marc Madi-Durand

Felsman + Tiley (Album Tempora)
Audio Panda (Retro Futuristic Synth Wave)
Scott Buckley (Ephemera Signal to Noise)

Special thanks to:
Marc Madi-Durand
Andrew Jennings
Fort Street Public School
Ron Lee
Patricia Bel

Filmed in Sydney, Australia
Production: The Flares
Co-Production: Sirius Productions