About this project
Client: Stay Native
Year: 2017
Production: Freelance work

Filming – Editing: Gaetan Selle

Travel in New Zealand and meet the natives to share their experiences.
Escape the cookie cutter tourist crowds and find something unique and personal. Dont settle for experiencing things from the sidelines. Make real connections with locals and learn the history of the places you explore. At ​Stay ​Native, ​we ​cater ​to ​the ​adventurous ​traveler ​ready ​to head ​off ​the ​beaten ​track. ​Our ​hosts ​come ​from ​all ​walks ​of ​life, ​and their ​experiences ​invite ​you ​to ​delve ​into ​the ​culture, ​food, ​places ​and history ​that ​make ​them ​unique. ​If ​you’re ​ready ​to ​say ​goodbye ​to tourist ​traps ​and ​clichés, ​sign ​up ​and ​book ​your ​experience ​today.